Game Developers

Does your game currently offer esports where players can compete and earn a living doing so? Our platform has been designed with one intention: To generate additional revenue and game sales for you.  When you generate ad revenue, what do you make per player?  $3?  $10?  That’s fine if that was all that you could make, but, what about $1500 per player per year?  Did you even think that was possible?

Not only do we believe this possible, but we can PROVE it to you very quickly.  Your game should be an eSports centered game.  Your game should be praised for its competitive options. Your players should be able to earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when competing.  Why aren’t they?  Because they aren’t on your game on our platform.  Instead, they are worried about being cheated.  They are worried that they aren’t good enough.  They are just worried.

We can fix that.  We have already fixed that. Beginners can compete against other beginners for a $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 prize pool or larger.  This platform wasn’t designed just professional players.  It was designed for every one of your players to have fun, earn some money, and have the chance to grow into that professional player that they see on ESPN.

To inquire about our platform and what it can do for your game and for your players, please contact us by clicking the button below.

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