Welcome to Gamers Oasis and get ready for our upcoming beta release later this year!

For decades, professional video game players traveled the world to various competitions where they would pay an entry fee, compete, and win money back.  This was how they made a living.  When high speed internet became readily available through the mid 2000’s, everyone assumed this form of competition would also become readily available.  For a host of political reasons, it was delayed until recently.

Gamers Oasis is an eSports platform which will allow video game players to compete where they can put up money, compete, and win money back based on how well they place.  Unlike any other platform on the market, our platform has been designed with anti-cheating countermeasures and bank level security right off the bat.  We have designed this so that any person, regardless of skill level, can come on our site and enter into high payout competition with other players of equivalent skill level without worrying that a pro will sneak into the match and take everyone’s money.