Wamba Technologies Contracts Andy Ashcraft as Chief E-Sports Platform Designer

Andy Ashcraft is most well known for his designer roles in God of War 2 and God of War 3. Andy has designed games for Sony, Disney, and Sega...read more

Wamba Technologies Signs Beyoncé's Producer Rich Harrison for Waffle Smash Video Game

Wamba Technologies, LLC announces that they have formally signed Grammy-Winning Music Producer Rich Harrison (Harrison produced “Crazy in Love” for Beyoncé …read more

eSports Platform Company Wamba Technologies Raises $1M in Funding

Wamba Technologies, a Phoenix, AZ-based eSports platform company, raised $1M in funding…read more

Wamba Technologies Contracts Rainbow Six’s Brian Upton to New eSports Project

Wamba Technologies has contracted Brian Upton (Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six, Warhawk) to work on their up and coming eSports platform…read more

Wamba Technologies Gives Dream Job to Lucky GCU Student

Scottsdale’s Wamba Technologies is an up and coming eSports company featuring an impressive lineup of talent. Andy Ashcraft (God of War 2, God of War 3, Grand Turismo 4) and Brian Upton (Chief Designer for Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six) do design work for Wamba…read more

Wamba Technologies Prepares To Launch Debut Video Game

Wamba Technologies, who has been in the press recently surrounding their eSports program, has announced that they will be releasing their first video game beta version by August 1, 2018. Waffle Smash is a …read more

Wamba Technologies Debuts First Video Game For Mobile Devices Titled "Waffle Smash: Chicken and Waffles"

Wamba Technologies has released their debut video game titled “Waffle Smash: Chicken & Waffles” under their entertainment brand …read more


Developer of an eSports platform designed for gamers. The company’s platform utilizes anti-cheating countermeasures to let …read more